Fantasy Football 2011

We created “Smack Cards” on Facebook, content consumers could easily send to or tag their friends in to share the love and let them know what they really thought of their team.

Smack Card

We created a Smack App for mobile. Consumers could select their friends via Facebook and customize a video message for them all through their mobile phone.

Smack App Video

Smack App video

Smack App Video


In the fall of 2011 Miller Lite was in it’s second year of sponsoring Yahoo! Fantasy Football, the largest Fantasy Football platform with over 7 million players. We didn’t want to position the brand as an expert, because we weren’t. Instead, Miller Lite would make the game more fun, and a big part of Fantasy Football is talking smack with your friends. Our campaign made it easier than ever to smack talk your friends through interactive banners, social media content and a branded smart phone app. Continuing to establish our position as the Official Beer of Fantasy Football.


VP | Creative Director


Miller Lite


August 2011 – December 2011


Interactive Rich Media, Social Media, Mobile Application